WoTLKRaids – August Server Updates

Much Needed updates… in Preparation for ICC.

– Starter Gear has been updated to iLvl 219 from Ulduar 10 Man
– PoS / FoS / HoR heroic modes have been released, these provide EoT and iLvl 232 Gear
– All Other heroics now drop 3x random 232 gear (based off ToC 10 man) upon killing the final boss of that heroic.
– Removed All iLvl Lockouts – that system is killing new players.

Raid Locks have been updated:
– ToC Normal / OS / Naxx / EoE / VoA / Onyxia’s Lair / Ulduar
– Have no raid lock (reset upon leaving)- ToC 25/10 Heroic – Now resets daily

More information: https://wotlkraids.com/en/page/information