Epic WOW Guild Challenge


Epic WOW Guild Challenge

So last Friday night, we decided to take a break from the grind – be it PVP or Raiding and get together with some beers on TS and make what was set to be an epic night.

I prepared a challenge for my guild mates based on a point system (similar to the guild treasure hunt I'd done previously, but with more than just finding stuff…) and offered a gold prize as an incentive…. not that it was needed… the promise of teamwork and fun is usually enough.

So we split the attendees up into partys of 5-6 people, and the challenge looked something like this (and I would highly recommend guilds to do fun stuff like this as a way of integrating new players into your guild or just for some teamwork-based fun)

The first challenge: THE RACE

Meet at Dire Maul. This is a race to kill the king. All teams will start OUTSIDE the instance and will be given a countdown of when to go. All party members must receive the King's “BUFF” to qualify for points. The first team back, wins.

1st team to finish: 10 points
2nd team to finish: 5 points
3rd team to finish: 2 points